Fly Mesh – Aluminium Mesh
BAL Rated (Bushfire Attack Level)

Protect your home and family from insects with Oz King’s Australian Made aluminium framed fly screens.  Colour match your fly screens to your windows with our wide range of Colorbond colours suitable for sliding and wind out windows.

Oz King’s fly screens are a great way to filter out the dust and light debris that enters your home through open windows.

Fly Mesh

Oz King’s fly mesh is designed to keep out insects such as flies, mosquitos and bugs while allowing for ventilation and air flow.  Easy to clean and maintain, Oz King’s fly screens are water resistant and will not rust.

Aluminium Mesh

With the same transparency as fly mesh, Oz King’s aluminium mesh fly screens offer a more heavy-duty protection from insects, dust and debris.

BAL Rated

Many new home builders are required to install fly screens that meet the Building Code for varying Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL).  Oz King is proud to offer custom made BAL approved fly screens to all of our customers.