Light Filtering & Block Out

Oz King’s high quality Australian made roller blinds offer a modern flare on a classic favourite.

Low cost, light weight, clean cut and elegant, roller blinds are a beautiful option for any room.  Available in solid colours, various textures and woven fabrics, our collection is sure to offer the perfect solution for you.

Oz King’s roller blinds are a favourite choice for adding texture, colour, and classic style to any home.

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Light Filtering

Oz King’s light filtering fabrics allow light to enter your home and gently diffuse it, creating a warm glow.  With this option, you are able to maintain a beautiful view of the outside, while gaining privacy of the inside of your home.

Block Out

Oz King’s block out roller blinds block light and provide full privacy. Ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, and home theatres, block out blinds prevent light from entering your home, whether it be from sunlight during the day, or street lights at night.

Dual Roller Blinds

Also known as double roller blinds, dual roller blinds combine both light filtering and block out blinds over one window.  This combination is the ideal solution to control glare, damage from UV rays, and manage your privacy.

Please note, all roller blinds come with a ‘light gap’ between the fabric and the window frame.  To minimise this, consider ordering your roller blinds with an outside mount where possible.