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Roller Shutters - Residential

Oz King’s high quality Australian made roller shutters are constructed using strong alloy aluminium and insulated with high density polyurethane to offer you security, privacy, insulation and protection.

Made in Australia to suit the harsh Australian climate conditions and available in a wide range of colours to compliment your home, our quality roller shutters are backed with an unbeatable 10-year guarantee!

Powered by the outstanding inteli-touch automation system, Oz King’s roller shutters are complimented by the latest technology.  With the option to install remote control operating systems, smoke alarm sensors, battery backups, and locking systems, Oz King’s roller shutters are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. 

Our range of roller shutters feature many wonderful benefits, including:

  • Providing a strong barrier against intruders and storm damage

  • Shielding your home from up to 90% of summer heat

  • Blocking up to 70% of the winter chill from entering your home

  • Providing up to 100% compete light block out

  • Reducing outside noise by half

  • Reducing your energy bills

  • Providing a BAL40 rating protection from bushfire

Safety & Security

Protect your family by using Oz King’s roller shutters to help secure your home.  Installing roller shutters over window and door openings provides a strong barrier against unwanted intruders.  Our roller shutters also offer protection from hail, rain, flying debris and storm damage. For additional peace of mind, each roller shutter can be fitted with a bottom bar lock for added security. 


Providing full coverage over open areas, Oz King’s roller shutters stop outsiders from seeing inside your home or business.  Oz King’s roller shutters are designed to allow circulation of air (ideal for homes with evaporative cooling) and natural light while maintaining your privacy.  Block prying eyes from looking through your windows by simply lowering your roller shutter to the ‘open air flow’ position, or lock them completely, the choice is yours!

Insulation & Energy Savings

Most heat and cold transfer occurs through glass windows and doors. Oz King’s roller shutters are insulated with high density polyurethane which acts as a wall of insulation against Australia’s harsh weather conditions, blocking up to 90% of heat in summer and 70% of cold in winter.  Independent tests have proven that homes with roller shutters use less energy to power heaters in winter and up to 40% less energy in summer.  A great environmental option!

With perforated air holes in every slat, the open air flow position works well with evaporative cooling systems that requires ventilation.

Noise & Light Control

Oz King’s insulated roller shutters can block up to 100% of external light and 50% of external noise from entering your home.  Easily adjustable, allowing you to control the amount of light at different times of the day, our roller shutters are extremely popular with parents of new born babies / young children and shift workers.  Add roller shutters to your home theatre room for a genuine cinema experience.

Fire Protection

Tested by the CSIRO, FireSafe roller shutters comply with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard and are rated to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) A40.  Constructed from fully extruded strong aluminium alloy and featuring a commercial double grade wall extruded profile, Oz King’s FireSafe roller shutters offer radiant heat shielding properties to 40kW/m2, protecting windows from flying debris and extreme heat radiation.

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