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Plantation Shutters - P.V.C

The ultimate in luxury window treatments, Oz King’s superior quality plantation shutters are ideal for both traditional and modern decors. Each individual shutter is carefully custom made and can be tailored for irregular windows such as arched windows, angled windows and round port holes.

Oz King’s durable P.V.C plantation shutters are moisture resistant, making them the perfect solution for high moisture and humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Constructed from composite P.V.C, a type of polymer, Oz King’s P.V.C plantation shutters are stronger against everyday wear and tear and are available in finely painted whites, neutrals and black.

Need your plantation shutters to match your company logo or a statement piece in your home? Both our basswood and P.V.C. plantation shutters can be crafted with a custom paint colour!

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